Welcome to my personal library. Why call it a library and not a portfolio? Simply put, I love books, and books are stored in a library, where I often feel at home. So welcome to my home, make yourself comfortable and feel free to explore my site. Click on any of the libraries below to reveal other parts of the website.

Note about Twitter - I am in no way associated with the @OxfordBrendan twitter handle. My own (and only) twitter account is linked in the footer of this site.

Library of Works Completed

Oxford & Ewing Engineering Inc. PHP / CSS Project
In this project I am working with the client to create a website that is easy to update and useful to help their prospective clients learn about them and get ahold of them. The site was built using WordPress and the Bones theme.
Asher Conrad - Ten Toes Down HTML, CSS & Javascript (jQuery) Project
In this project I worked with an author to create and maintain a simple website for her to provide information about herself and the book that she wrote. This included designing the site and implementing the design with HTML, CSS and jQuery. I also researched and recommended a webhosting option for the client.
Frank's Laundromat HTML / CSS Project
This website was one of my first projects; I completed it for a small laundromat up in Thunder Bay. It was an excersise in successfully putting together an HTML/CSS page, learning to make sure it came up on Google searches, as well as other small features, such as embedding a google map into the page. The version linked here is the site as I completed it. The live version has had numerous content updates since its inception.
US 25th Website (Link no longer available) PHP Project
This is my most advanced project to date. It includes several PHP features, about half of which cannot be seen by the average user who is just perusing the site. In the site I have a news feature in a blog format, complete with a commenting system, and the ability to set who can see the news and comments with a single drop down box. I also have an account system set up where members of the group the site is made for can have accounts to access features the general public cannot access. One of these accounts is required for the blog feature as well. Forthcoming will be a photo gallery, which will allow the site members to upload their photos to the website.
Session / Font-change Page (Link no longer available) PHP Final Project (School)
This project is one of two that I completed in my PHP course at Fleming College. In this project I was required to make a page that started a session when the user reached the page, and then change the font and font size according to the user's preference. The CSS page also changes between Firefox and Internet Explorer, due to a PHP function included in the page. All PHP work with this form is my work, and the CSS is that of a classmate of mine.
Validation Form (Link no longer available) PHP Project (School)
This project is the second of two that I completed in my PHP course at Fleming College. In this project I was required to make sure that a form I created validated using PHP, and to inform the user filling out the form of any mistakes they may have made when filling out the form. All PHP work with this form is mine, and the CSS is that of my classmate.
Green Technologies (Link no longer available) HTML / CSS / jQuery Project (School)
This project was a school project completed by myself and one of my classmates, and was our first experience in working with an actual client. The project includes jQuery in both the navigation and in the photo album, was an exercise in a variety of CSS techniques, as well as with dealing with a client in a professional manner.

Library of Autobiographies

"While the wicked stand confounded call me, with thy saints surrounded." That quote just so happens to be written on the wall at one point in one of the best movies I've ever seen, The Boondock Saints. However, while I love the movie, it doesn't really reflect on my personality otherwise.

So I'm Brendan, and I am a graduate in Web Development at Sir Sandford Fleming College, with some experience in the Web Development field. I was born in Brampton, but quickly moved to Chatham where I spent most of my growing up years. I've got two siblings (a brother and a sister), two parents (a mother and a father) and a dog.

My most recent education wasn't my first time through school, as I started kindergarten back when I was four years old. I eventually graduated from elementary school at the age of 14 and went off to high school. I unfortunately hit terrible timing to enter Chatham Collegiate Institute (my first high school) because the local board of education opted to close it. The courts ruled that the school would be allowed to stay open for one more year after that, at which point the school board closed it yet again. After that I completed my last two years of highschool at Chatham Kent Secondary School, and quickly moved on to University when the opportunity arose.

This is not my first time through post secondary education either, as I took two years of history at the University of Windsor. In my final semester I took a course on web design, in which I created a web page for my historical re-enacting group. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and declined to return to the University. Instead I took the year off to find a college that I liked, and make some money; and now here I am, a Web Developer looking to apply my skills to the benefit of any who require them.

My hobbies include Historical re-enacting, where I dress as accurately as I can to the time period, and spend the weekend at various historical sites educating and entertaining the public. When I am not participating at or preparing for a re-enactment, I like to spend a good amount of my time tinkering around with making webpages, working out and learning the fine art of making craft beer.

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